David Haines, a native of Philadelphia, found His love for film  and acting as a Kid when His mother would bring He and His siblings to her place of employment, The local  Movie Theater.  David watched in amazement all of the wonders of action packed, drama filled, and gut busting comedies that were featured at this Theater. Such an inspiration. In David’s last year of college, Lincoln University, PA, He joined Lincoln’s theatre group, The Lincoln Players. Thus began his path in acting and entertainment. David also studied at the following: Freedom Theater, Philadelphia, PA. Michael Howard, Michael Howard Studios, N.Y., N.Y., Meisner Center, North Hollywood, CA., and Aaron Speiser, Aaron Speiser Studios, Los Angeles, CA.

If there is one event that stands out on David’s acting/performing journey, it’s this: While in Graduate School at Howard University David was tipped off to a radio contest for a Photo Double for Will Smith for the film Enemy Of The State. David was selected and with His professional ability turned one opportunity into a 18 year run with Will Smith.  David credits Will Smith with teaching Him a great deal about the business and sees Will Smith as His Mentor. Over the past 20 years, David has acted in Plays,  Commercials, Independent Films, and Blockbuster Films! And now David has added Modeling to His professional repertoire!  David has revved up His Acting , Modeling, and Producing engines and is bursting forward into new projects! Stay Tuned!!!

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